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Date: 21st June 2016
Block Making Machine RTQT4
Block Making Machine RTQTThe block machine can be universally used for the manufacturing of pavers with and without face mix,Website:, kerbstones, hollow blocks and similar elements.?1?FEATURES?Great reliability, low failure rate?High level automation, smooth running??High productivity, long service life?Economical prices2?PHYSICAL PROPERTIESCapacity per Pallet4 hollow blocks 390*190*190mmPallet Size900*550*30-35mmWork Area820*500mmProduct height60-220mmOperation Cycle15-30sVibration Motor2*4kwOscillation Force68knMachine weightAbout 6ton3?PRODUCTION CAPACITY?It is a fully automatic concrete block production line, usually used for producing block, brick, pave, curbstone and so on.Product Capacity RTQT6 Sample Paver ? ? ?200*100*60mmPiece/Pallet14m2/Hour50104m2/Year24Multi Hole Brick ? ? ?240*115*90Piece/Pallet12Piece/Hour2880104Piece/Year1382Standard Hollow Brick ? ? ?390*190*190mmPiece/Pallet4Piece/Hour960104piece/Year460Standard Brick ? ? ?240*115*53Piece/Pallet26piece/Hour6240104piece/Year2995Hydraulic BlockPiece/Pallet2piece/Hour270104piece/Year130Solid Block ? ? ?400*200*200 ? ? ?(8inch)Piece/Pallet4piece/Hour720104piece/Year345.6Solid Block ? ? ?400*200*150 ? ? ?(6inch)Piece/Pallet5piece/Hour900104piece/Year432Solid Block ? ? ?400*200*100 ? ? ?(4inch)Piece/Pallet7piece/Hour1260104piece/Year604.8