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Date: 21st June 2016
Block Making Machine RTQT6
Block Making Machine RTQT61?FEATURES?Built of strong section steel with 4 guiding columns with which the mould moves up and down Fast mould change device?Can be used for the manufacturing of blocks with and without face mix?The filler system is intergrated one which can be moved out or into body when need??The filler box is driven by hydraulic cylinder and the guiding rollers are inside of U rail. Fast,Website:, even feeding with agitator?The compacting system consists of two twin-shaft heavy-duty special synchronous fixed on vibrating table,??The hydraulic station consisting of a large-sized oil tank, oil pump, electric motor?Cooling system is integrated together with the value station2?PHYSICAL PROPERTIES?Capacity per Pallet6 hollow blocks 400*200*200mmPallet Size900*680*35mmWork Area820*630mmProduct height50-220mmOperation Cycle15-30sVibration Motor2*5.5kwOscillation Force80knMachine weightAbout 7ton3?PRODUCTION CAPACITY?It is a fully automatic concrete block production line, usually used for producing block, brick, pave, curbstone and so on.?Product Capacity RTQT6 Sample Paver ? ? ?200*100*60mmPiece/Pallet21m2/Hour76104m2/Year36.5Multi Hole Brick ? ? ?240*115*90Piece/Pallet15Piece/Hour3600104Piece/Year1728Standard Hollow Brick ? ? ?390*190*190mmPiece/Pallet6Piece/Hour1200104piece/Year576Standard Brick ? ? ?240*115*53Piece/Pallet30piece/Hour7200104piece/Year3456Hydraulic BlockPiece/Pallet2piece/Hour270104piece/Year130Solid Block ? ? ?400*200*200 ? ? ?(8inch)Piece/Pallet6piece/Hour1080104piece/Year518.4Solid Block ? ? ?400*200*150 ? ? ?(6inch)Piece/Pallet8piece/Hour1140104piece/Year691.2Solid Block ? ? ?400*200*100 ? ? ?(4inch)Piece/Pallet10piece/Hour1800104piece/Year864